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Practical Materials for the Busy Classroom Teacher

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Literary Assessment in Today's Inclusion Classroom by Linda Jones McCoy

A two-volume book providing a comprehensive set of both traditional and modern assessment techniques, including sight word and phonics tests (traditional) and trial teaching predictable book and language experience (modern). Student response pages and teacher record sheets included. Storybook volume contains original stories for assessing the trial teaching of systematic direct instruction (based reader style) and predictable books; listening; and leads to specific skills assessments such as polysyllabic words.


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Portfolio Resource Guide: Creating and Using Portfolios in the Classroom
by Judith C. Gilbert
(All grades) $21.95

This Portfolio Resource Guide provides models, ideas, suggestions, and tips for using portfolios. Many examples of a myriad of different models from every level and almost every subject area are included and the models have been tested and proven effective in actual classrooms. Subject areas include arts, career education, English/language arts, foreign language, science, interdisciplinary, professional growth, writing, and social studies.


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Using Portfolios in the Elementary Classroom
by Kari Goheen
(Grades 9-12) $14.95

Teachers can't go wrong when they use Using Portfolios in the Elementary Classroom: A Step by Step Guide as a guide to implementing portfolios in their classrooms. The text includes many reproducible forms that teachers can take right into their classroom. Author Goheen takes teachers through an entire year in this step by step process.


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