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Heartland Committee to Promote 
Lifelong Reading

The Heartland Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature has been discontinued. In its place, the Writing Conference, Inc has established the Heartland Committee to Promote Lifelong Reading. On this site, readers will find young adult books that are recommended as quality for use in and out of the classroom/library. That is NOT to say that each book is recommended to any one student. Some may be appropriate for middle level students; others may be appropriate for high school level students.  TEACHERS AND/OR LIBRARIANS should read the books before recommending them to their students. We hope that using this site will provide quality reading for young adults and will promote lifelong readers

In addition we hope to provide book trailers, links to authorís web sites, blogs and, perhaps, interviews that authors have given about their books.

We also encourage readers to let us know how they are using these books.





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