Heartland Books Recommendation for Life-Long Readers

Excellence in Young Adult Literature   

The Heartland Books Recommendation, created and directed by the Writing Conference, Inc., was established in 1996 to:

  • encourage the participation of young adults in the reading of young adult literature,
  • promote the teaching of this literature in middle and secondary schools as supplemental and in class reading,
  • aid in the goal that all young adults become life-long readers.

Each spring, nominations of young adult literature are solicited from teachers and librarians for consideration for the Heartland Books Recommendation.  Those nominated books must be currently in print and have been published in the 5 years preceding the recommendation year.

Nominations may be sent to:

The Heartland Books Recommendation, The Writing Conference, Inc.,
P.O. Box 664, Ottawa,
KS 66067

Before February 1 of the current year.

In August, the Committee will meet to discuss the books and to arrive at the list of 10 young adult works that will be considered for the Heartland Books Recommendation.