STUDENTS (grades 5-12) and TEACHERS are encouraged to attend and to interact with Melanie Crowder and her literature. Included in the day’s activities will be a general presentation by the author and small group sessions with the author and volunteers discussing the literature. There will be a writing component as well.  Students read either Three Pennies  – (Crowder – elementary, middle school), or Audacity (Crowder – upper middle or high school).

This literature will be discussed in small groups. One of the differences with this Literature Festival is that young people come to the Festival having read a piece of literature and are ready to discuss it with their peers in small groups. We expect students to have read the literature. For your convenience, these books may be purchased from The Writing Conference, Inc.

NOTE:  The Festival is limited to 500 students/teachers.  Therefore when that number is reached, the registration will be closed and any registration received after that time will be returned.  

NOTEThere will be no On-Site registration.  There will be no refunds for any reasons.