Friends Honorees

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Friends of the The Writing Conference

The Writing Conference is pleased to announce Friends of The Writing Conference. Each year at the Literature Festival, we will announce our new Friends. In order to receive such an award, Friends will be supportive of The Writing Conference in the following ways:

1)      Participate in many, if not all, of the programs sponsored by the Writing Conference.

2)      Be active in the mission of The Writing Conference.

3)      Spread the news of the Writing Conference by sharing the mission with others as well as encouraging people to participate in the activities of the Organization.

4)      Emphasis on current research in writing and reading will be in evidence in his/her classroom, library, or school

Honorees may be chosen from elementary schools, middle schools, high schools (private or public) and universities.

Honorees will receive a plaque and will be honored at the Literature Festival.   Honorees’ picture will be posted on the Writing Conference web site.


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